Masthead Failure / Fix

This is the masthead after the failure with the new dumb sheave. The long black groove is where the halyard "eroded" down into the southern yellow pine mast stave. The result was a bound halyard that would not come down. I finally tugged hard enuf on the sail to get it back down. The copper grommet looking thing above the groove is the fix. It is a piece of 3/4" copper tubing. A hole was drilled in the mast head. It is flared with a flare block on the one side and with a ball peen hammer on the other. Is still a little stiff, but halyard hoists the sail all the way to the top with no binding. The top hole is for the topping lift.

Halyard - Original dumb hole and copper lined fix

The bottom Picture is of the groove after being filled with sawdust (poorman's wood flower) and epoxy prior to repainting the mast.

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