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A stability test - of sorts - or perhaps a crew mutinyThis is a stability test or the beginnings of a crew mutiny... Scram is water ballasted, but because of the light winds, the tanks are empty. Hopefully, when the water is warmer, we can pull the mast over in waist deep water and see how "self righting" she is.

Scram Pram in parking lot mode - no wind
This photo shows the hull and leeboard very nicely. The line from the end of the lee board will eventually be moved to the top and routed thru the a cleat on the gunwhale for rainsing the leeboard. In any wind at all, the existing lee board rope hummmmms!

Roger's favourite picture of the Scram Pram - Photo by Roger also

A photo of Scram Pram by Roger Harlow. Charles is on foredeck watch (He has seen Titanic too many times).

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