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Scram Pram is a Jim Michalak designed boat.

Its lineage is from Bolger's Birdwatcher thru Jim Michalak's Jewel Box and IMB boats. It is water ballasted. The photos are taken at The Woodlands Lake 25 miles North of Houston - Sunday, April 19, 1998. The photos are contributed by Wil Gordon of Houston. Wil commissioned the design and built the prototype.

Wil Gordon and TimWebber

Scram Pram builder Wil Gordon (left) and Tim Webber, proud recepient of of Wil's craftsmanship and gererousity!

Scram PramScram Pram is a slot top and a favorite place for the skipper is sitting on the afterdeck. The winds are extremely light. The sail has 163 sq ft and all was needed today.

Scram PramThis image is taken using a special filter. The boat is 15' 7" long with a 6' 3" beam. It is a "slot top" and captain and crew can ride outside.

Scram PramScram is shown here going close hauled in next to ZERO wind. The original plans called for an open bow, like a sugar scoop familiar to Bolger fans of the AS-19 and Michalak's Jewel Box et. al. Wil thot better and kept the free flooding anchor well in the bow, but closed it in "rough going".

The End

As the captain and crew sail off into the sunset... There is a motor well. A 10 lb thrust trolling motor was in the well for a while. The skipper and the trolling motor engaged in several custody battles over the main sheet and the trolling motor was relagated to hold.

The boat is a real performer in light air. We did not flood the ballast tanks. In normal conditions, 10 - 15 MPH winds, the ballast tanks are flooded and the sail is reefed to about 120 sq ft. At this time we have not tested in those conditions.

We have about 15 more photos and will add them as time allows.

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Mast head failure and fix

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